The 2009 USARPS chAMPionships – Day 1

Day 1 of the MTV qualifying matches is over.  128 college students at MTV’s spring break played over the course of four hours, culminating in two quarterfinal matches where Ryan Beery from Wabaunsee College in Illinois and Justin Foiles from the University of Georgia clinched spots in Thursdays semifinals.  Students from all over the country Amp’d Up and threw their fists into the ring today.  

There was some masterful play with bikini-clad coeds using everything they had to distract their male competitors and what seemed to be an endless supply of shirtless dudes flexing their biceps with every throw.  

In one match a guy from Illinois State University and a girl from Western Kentucky threw 6 ties in a row.  They were clearly in each other’s heads— so much so that after the match they could be seen making out on the beach.  Neither of them made it to the finals, but it’s a safe bet that both of them are going to score.

We’re just getting started and judging by the crowd at the finals matches this afternoon, those students sober enough to drag themselves out of bed will be lined up at the start of tomorrows open qualifiers.  The winners from the next two days will join 9 campus winners flying in to play in the semi’s.

More from the beach tomorrow.



5 Responses to “The 2009 USARPS chAMPionships – Day 1”

  1. My congratulations to the competitors who have made it thus far. A new vista stretches before you, and I have no doubt that your future in the sport is bright.

    My name is Master Roshambollah, the greatest player in the history of Rock Paper Scissors. I would be in Panama City Beach were I able; as it is I am spending the week on the summit of Mount Roshambo, in meditation on the Three Noble Throws and focusing my energy on recovery from our nation’s econocataclysm.

    A few notes:

    The Rock-Rock tie pic is immensely larger than the rest, pixelwise, though I appreciate the immensity of the matchup.

    Unless my eyes decieve me, the referee in these images is none other than “Danger” Dan, perhaps the finest referee in USARPS history apart from Phil Gordon. A word of advice, Dan; the bandana won’t cut it against the sun’s deadly rays! You do not want a top-of-the-head sunburn, my friend. Can I interest you in a conical bamboo hat? What if I sign it?

    As a final note, USARPS is using WordPress? Is the recession really that bad?

  2. where is this taking place?

  3. Professial, amateur and collegiate players may all profit from the following video:

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