USARPS chAMPionships – DAY 3


Day 3 of the USARPS League college chAMPionships at MTVU’s Spring Break started off fairly relaxed.  Our 16 semifinalists had qualified- with our seven MTVU winners nursing their hangovers and our nine campus winners flying in to compete.  Everyone enjoyed the concerts with Asher Roth and Jim Jones. Both artists rocked- which of course we like. (Though a pretty obvious throw from a couple of guys…)

By the later afternoon things we heating up.  There was a stage blocking rehearsal for the on-stage competition and everyone got a taste of what it will be like on Thursday.  Then it was time for some action as we hit the hotel lobby for part one of the semis.  We took the bracket down from 16 to 8 with more than half of the matches coming down to a final possible throw.

On Thursday the 8 remaining players will face off on stage before the Lil Wayne show and a crowd of thousands. The on fist standing will be flown back to face next week’s winner for one match worth $20,000!


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