USARPS chAMPionships- DAY 4

Day 4 of the USARPS chAMPionship at MTVU’s spring break in Panama City Beach, FL and our first finalist has won a spot.  But before he is revealed, let me tell you how he got there.

Wednesday night our campus finalists joined the MTVU finalists to take the week one field from 16 down to 8.

Thursday morning our eight remaining players gathered in Salon B for a pre-game meeting with producers just as thousands of student gathered around the stage on the beach in anticipation of the finals… and the Kid Cuddi and Lil Wayne show.

By the time the group of  8 hit the stage there were an estimated 20,000 screaming spring breakers in the audience- plus dozens of their supporters cheering them on from behind the ring.

8 became 4 and 4 become 2.  It all came down to Jonathan “Naco” Monaco fro Syracuse U  and Ryan “the Sheriff” from Wabaunsee College.  Naco took an early lead winning the first game and then the first point of the second game in our best of three games final. But the Sheriff was on duty and battled back to win the next 3 throws- tying it  up at a game a piece and going up 1-0 in the final game. Naco returned fire with a rock and tied it up.  it came down to one throw; one final throw for a return trip next week and one match for $20,000 for tuition.

The mechanical engineering major from Syracuse must have brought his homework with him, b/c he whipped out a paper and covered the Sheriff’s rock.  And in front of a cheering crowd clinched his spot in next week’s finals.

On Monday it all starts again with spring breakers competing for a spot on stage with 10 more campus finalists. Stay tuned when we resume coverage on Monday!


One Response to “USARPS chAMPionships- DAY 4”

  1. Sabatino Monaco Says:

    That’s my son. Do work and have fun.

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