USARPS chAMPionship – DAY 6

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No, you’re not missing Day 5 … the action at Panama City Beach was too intense to get a blog entry for day 5, so we’re skipping right to day 6. (Yes, I mean the RPS action-  thank you very much)

Let me catch you up.

Week 2 is a shorter week for the USARPS chAMPionships with qualifying competitions spanning Monday and Tuesday, leading up the finals on Wednesday.

On Monday we were Roshamboing with mother nature as she threaten Panama City Beach with thunderstorms.   But a few clouds and an occasional drizzle couldn’t stop the masses here in Florida.  Spring Breakers packed the AMP – USARPS booth on the beach and 5 semifinalists emerged.

Tuesday was all about finding that final fist to fill the semis for a shot at 20 grand for tuition.  That final fist was attached to the arm of Josh “Stone Thrower” Stone from Oklahoma.  He claimed his berth- shockingly – with a rock and moved on to the round of sixteen played later last night. 

Ten campus winners joined our six beach qualifiers in the lobby of the Boardwalk Resort Hotel.  16 players entered knowing full well that only 4 would survive to play on stage ahead of the NERD / FLO RIDA show on Wednesday.  And of those 4, only one would face off against Naco, our winner from week 1.

Highlights from the round of 16-

“Sunny” Patel from Rutgers eliminated “Quick Draw” Haynes from U of Maryland in just 2 throws.

Vanessa “Loch Nessa” Gomez schooled “Brown Sugar” Navarro.

“El Presidente” from Alabama stopped the music for “Happy Feet” Godsey from Tennessee.

Tricky Nikki Vaverka from Oklahoma smashed “Scissorhands” Sturges from Iowa.

Joey Smashwell… smashed well and cleaned up “the Janitor” for Colorado State.


We were left with 8, but we only needed four-

3 of our final matched went down to the last possible throw.  In the end, moving on the the stage are:

John “Stone Thrower” Stone from Oklahoma, Arkady “RKD” Sokolov from Rutgers, Creighton “El Presidente” Rhodes from Alabama and Joey Smashwell from Georgia Southern.

These four student athletes will play down to one Wednesday afternoon. That one man will play “Naco” Monaco from Syracuse for $20,000 in tuition.  It’s gonna be good.


USARPS chAMPionships- DAY 4

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Day 4 of the USARPS chAMPionship at MTVU’s spring break in Panama City Beach, FL and our first finalist has won a spot.  But before he is revealed, let me tell you how he got there.

Wednesday night our campus finalists joined the MTVU finalists to take the week one field from 16 down to 8.

Thursday morning our eight remaining players gathered in Salon B for a pre-game meeting with producers just as thousands of student gathered around the stage on the beach in anticipation of the finals… and the Kid Cuddi and Lil Wayne show.

By the time the group of  8 hit the stage there were an estimated 20,000 screaming spring breakers in the audience- plus dozens of their supporters cheering them on from behind the ring.

8 became 4 and 4 become 2.  It all came down to Jonathan “Naco” Monaco fro Syracuse U  and Ryan “the Sheriff” from Wabaunsee College.  Naco took an early lead winning the first game and then the first point of the second game in our best of three games final. But the Sheriff was on duty and battled back to win the next 3 throws- tying it  up at a game a piece and going up 1-0 in the final game. Naco returned fire with a rock and tied it up.  it came down to one throw; one final throw for a return trip next week and one match for $20,000 for tuition.

The mechanical engineering major from Syracuse must have brought his homework with him, b/c he whipped out a paper and covered the Sheriff’s rock.  And in front of a cheering crowd clinched his spot in next week’s finals.

On Monday it all starts again with spring breakers competing for a spot on stage with 10 more campus finalists. Stay tuned when we resume coverage on Monday!

USARPS chAMPionships – DAY 3

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Day 3 of the USARPS League college chAMPionships at MTVU’s Spring Break started off fairly relaxed.  Our 16 semifinalists had qualified- with our seven MTVU winners nursing their hangovers and our nine campus winners flying in to compete.  Everyone enjoyed the concerts with Asher Roth and Jim Jones. Both artists rocked- which of course we like. (Though a pretty obvious throw from a couple of guys…)

By the later afternoon things we heating up.  There was a stage blocking rehearsal for the on-stage competition and everyone got a taste of what it will be like on Thursday.  Then it was time for some action as we hit the hotel lobby for part one of the semis.  We took the bracket down from 16 to 8 with more than half of the matches coming down to a final possible throw.

On Thursday the 8 remaining players will face off on stage before the Lil Wayne show and a crowd of thousands. The on fist standing will be flown back to face next week’s winner for one match worth $20,000!

USARPS chAMPionships – DAY 2

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Day 2 – Another fabulous day at the USARPS chAMPionships. After watching yesterday’s exciting matched tons of students were AMP’d Up to get into the action and people were waiting in line to sign up even before the booth opened. What started off as an overcast day turned into another scorcher when the fog burned off.
Match after match spring breakers showed off their RPS skills. There was some serious trash talking when a guys from Penn St. faced off against a dude from Pitt. Pitt emerged victorious, though he was knocked out in the next round. One notable match a girl from UNC threw a vertical paper against her opponent’s rock. The score was tied and she would have taken the match has she simply take care to straighten out her page. But alas, the throw did not count and she lost to a sharp scissors in the very next throw.
5 additional semi-finalists made the ranks by the end of the day. They are: Shane S. from UGA, Matt Fox from East Carolina, Cassy Tuttle from Independence College of Cosmetology, Guy Goldman from American University and Mitch Kusche from Pitt Community College in North Carolina. These five scholar athletes will join the two qualifiers from yesterday and 9 campus finalists in the first part of the semi-finals to be held tomorrow.
As a cutie from Alabama put it: Hot Sun + Cold AMP + RPS = Awesome.

The 2009 USARPS chAMPionships – Day 1

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Day 1 of the MTV qualifying matches is over.  128 college students at MTV’s spring break played over the course of four hours, culminating in two quarterfinal matches where Ryan Beery from Wabaunsee College in Illinois and Justin Foiles from the University of Georgia clinched spots in Thursdays semifinals.  Students from all over the country Amp’d Up and threw their fists into the ring today.  

There was some masterful play with bikini-clad coeds using everything they had to distract their male competitors and what seemed to be an endless supply of shirtless dudes flexing their biceps with every throw.  

In one match a guy from Illinois State University and a girl from Western Kentucky threw 6 ties in a row.  They were clearly in each other’s heads— so much so that after the match they could be seen making out on the beach.  Neither of them made it to the finals, but it’s a safe bet that both of them are going to score.

We’re just getting started and judging by the crowd at the finals matches this afternoon, those students sober enough to drag themselves out of bed will be lined up at the start of tomorrows open qualifiers.  The winners from the next two days will join 9 campus winners flying in to play in the semi’s.

More from the beach tomorrow.