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Watch the 2010 chAMPionships part 1

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Check out MTVU on campus this week for the first part of the USARPS 2010 chAMPionships sponsored by AMP Energy.

The segment will be posted online at and shortly after the first airing.


Yo Quiero 25K!

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It’s a bright sunny morning in Acapulco.  14 Student-Athletes from around the country have gathered in Mexico to face off for $25,000 in tuition money courtesy of AMP Energy.  But these campus champions will have to beat the hundreds of Spring Breakers vying for the very same prize.  In just a few hours wildcard registration will begin and based on the pickup games I witnessed by the pool and on the beach, the competition is going to be fierce!  The AMP is chilling on ice, the MTV cameras are being prepped and if you listen carefully, you can hear the knuckles cracking in anticipation of the very first throw.  It’s on in Acapulco!  The 2010 USARPS AMP chAMPionship begins soon.

Everyone is getting into the spirit – check out AMP Energy Snowboarders Hannah Teter and Keir Dillon facing off in a little RPS action down at Spring Break.  These two awesome athletes can rock the mountain and  the beach!

14 Camps Finalists… they’re headin’ to Mexico

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Our fourteen campus champions are packing up and getting ready for Acapulco where they will play for a shot at a $25,000 scholarship at the 2010 USARPS AMP chAMPionships.

Good luck!

Gregory Jason Avalone, Arizona State University
Christopher Joseph Miller, Colorado State University
Nicolas Alonzo, CSU – Chico
John Dennis Stover, Kansas State University
Andrew John Richard, Northern Iowa University
Jayme Garrett Nauman, Oklahoma State University
Ashley N. Plumaker, Rutgers University
Felicia M. Moniz, Syracuse University
James Andrew Hawk, University of Alabama
Matthew Witt, University of Maryland
Casey James Fankhauser, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Nicholas Andrew Caporale, University of Texas
Renae Ellison, University of Wyoming
David Shervin Farajollahi, Virginia Commonwealth

Acapulco, here we come!

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The 2010 USARPS AMP chAMPionships is just a few days away… our campus champions are booked and ready to go. What skilled players will win wildcard spots at MTV’s Spring Break??? We’ll know soon. Check out this blog, and @usarps on twitter for updates.

USARPS chAMPionships – The Video

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Ok- so you noticed that there has been no coverage of the final match… well, its because no one likes a spoiler…

The folks at MTV have asked us not to overtly publicize the winner- even though it’s not really a secret and anyone who read the front page story in the LA Times already has a pretty good idea who is enjoying the added tuition assitance next year.  More details after the finals air on March 31.

You can watch the first week’s video that aired on MTVU on 3/24 at

Check out photos from the week 2 semifinals below.  (Especially the one where Commissioner Matti Leshem slices through MTV VJ Kim Stolz’s paper!)

USARPS chAMPionships – DAY 3

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Day 3 of the USARPS League college chAMPionships at MTVU’s Spring Break started off fairly relaxed.  Our 16 semifinalists had qualified- with our seven MTVU winners nursing their hangovers and our nine campus winners flying in to compete.  Everyone enjoyed the concerts with Asher Roth and Jim Jones. Both artists rocked- which of course we like. (Though a pretty obvious throw from a couple of guys…)

By the later afternoon things we heating up.  There was a stage blocking rehearsal for the on-stage competition and everyone got a taste of what it will be like on Thursday.  Then it was time for some action as we hit the hotel lobby for part one of the semis.  We took the bracket down from 16 to 8 with more than half of the matches coming down to a final possible throw.

On Thursday the 8 remaining players will face off on stage before the Lil Wayne show and a crowd of thousands. The on fist standing will be flown back to face next week’s winner for one match worth $20,000!

USARPS chAMPionships – DAY 2

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Day 2 – Another fabulous day at the USARPS chAMPionships. After watching yesterday’s exciting matched tons of students were AMP’d Up to get into the action and people were waiting in line to sign up even before the booth opened. What started off as an overcast day turned into another scorcher when the fog burned off.
Match after match spring breakers showed off their RPS skills. There was some serious trash talking when a guys from Penn St. faced off against a dude from Pitt. Pitt emerged victorious, though he was knocked out in the next round. One notable match a girl from UNC threw a vertical paper against her opponent’s rock. The score was tied and she would have taken the match has she simply take care to straighten out her page. But alas, the throw did not count and she lost to a sharp scissors in the very next throw.
5 additional semi-finalists made the ranks by the end of the day. They are: Shane S. from UGA, Matt Fox from East Carolina, Cassy Tuttle from Independence College of Cosmetology, Guy Goldman from American University and Mitch Kusche from Pitt Community College in North Carolina. These five scholar athletes will join the two qualifiers from yesterday and 9 campus finalists in the first part of the semi-finals to be held tomorrow.
As a cutie from Alabama put it: Hot Sun + Cold AMP + RPS = Awesome.